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Trailer Life Rv Parks, Campgrounds, And Services Directory 2011

  • by Tl Enterprises,
  • Publisher: Trailer Life Books
  • 1726 pages
  • Released Date: 2011-01-01
  • Paperback , 2011 Edition
  • ISBN: 9780982489437, 0982489439
  • List Price: $24.95
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Known simply as "the bible" among RVers, this exhaustive reference contains over 11,000 detailed listings for parks, service centers, and attractions. Compiled by the experts at Trailer Life, it rates each park with Trailer Life's exclusive triple rating system for everything from cleanliness and amenities to visual appeal. This edition features over 286,400 updates and changes, with helpful features such as phone numbers for up-to-the-minute traffic and weather conditions, free dump site locations, and more than 70 full-color digital maps complete with bridge, ferry, tunnel, and toll information. The guide also covers the rules of the road, towing laws for each state, campgrounds for RVers who are 55 and older, Internet-friendly locations, and useful websites and savvy online tips. No matter how far-flung the destination, the Trailer Life Directory 2011 ensures that travelers are never lost, in danger, or unprepared for what lies ahead.

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